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Report on 2011 Golden Gate Bridge Death Toll - Download the release

Marin Coroner's Report on 2010 Death Toll - Download the release

Marin Coroner’s Report on 2009 Death Toll - Download the release

Fifteen-Year Study on Golden Gate Bridge Suicides - Download the release | Download the data charts

Marin Coroner’s Report on 2008 Death Toll - Download the release

Marin Coroner’s Report on 2007 Death Toll - Download the release

Published Reports & Resources

San Francisco Chronicle, "Lethal Beauty Series"
The San Francisco Chronicle published a multi-part series on the Bridge suicide problem in the fall of 2005. Read it here.

The New Yorker, "Jumpers - The Fatal Grandeur of the Golden Gate Bridge"
In the fall of 2003, The New Yorker published Tad Friend's essay on the Bridge and its suicide history. This article is widely credited with inspiring much of the current effort to build the barrier. Click here to read the pdf version of this article.

New York Times Sunday Magazine, "The Urge to End It All"
A comprehensive discussion of suicide, impulsiveness and current research. Read it here.

Effectiveness of Suicide Barriers on Bridges
A summary of data collected by Washington State officials studying the Aurora Bridge. Download "Barrier Effectiveness"

Suicide Prevention on Bridges - The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Position - Download "Suicide Bridges"


Although the Bridge Rail Foundation is a volunteer organization, we need funding for public outreach and operational expenses.



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Next Steps

With the determination that the net will have no significant impact on the environment, and funding to complete the design work — only one major hurdle remains before we will see the suicides at the bridge stopped — the $50 million needed to build the project.

Providing the information and background needed to secure these funds is the work of the Bridge Rail Foundation. To request information on how you can help - Please contact us via email - - or through our online form.

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