An Ongoing Tragedy For the Witnesses

What They Have Seen


What they have seen

The following are excerpts from official reports on the investigation of suicide deaths at the Golden Gate Bridge. These reports are from deaths that took place between January of 2007 and June of 2009. The names of all parties involved have been withheld.


... several pedestrian witnesses saw the subject remove her shoes, set her purse down on the walkway and climb over the rail...



... the officer stopped his vehicle ... and ran to apprehend the decedent who managed to climb over the rail and jump before the officer could reach her...



... he saw a woman, later identified as the decedent, climb over the rail at light pole #69. He continued traveling northbound until he saw a painter on the Bridge, he yelled to the painter what he had just witnessed and the painter radioed...



... he was approximately thirty feet away. He dismounted his bike and went over to her to try to stop her, but she quickly jumped...



... a tourist from England was walking on the Golden Gate Bridge. She saw the decedent had jumped from the Bridge ... A jet ski unit of the SFFD heard the call and found the decedent floating in the water...



... the subject reportedly hit the water near a passing privately operated boat. The passengers on that boat secured the subject’s body and held him until USCG personnel responded...


Source for all above: Marin County Coroners Office.

One of the most notorious horrors at the bridge occurred in 1945 - the death of a five-year-old girl ordered over the rail by her father, who then jumped himself. Tourists and bridge staff also witnessed this scene.



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With the determination that the net will have no significant impact on the environment, and funding to complete the design work — only one major hurdle remains before we will see the suicides at the bridge stopped — the $50 million needed to build the project.

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