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Who We Are

The Bridge Rail Foundation has one simple goal — install the safety net on the Golden Gate Bridge and stop the suicides. Our Foundation grows out of direct experience with bridge suicides — our board includes individuals who have had family and friends jump from the bridge, and experts in mental health, law and public affairs. We have come together to focus public attention on the Bridge suicide problem and see that the public is fully informed of the issue and that the suicides stop. Our board members include:

Dave Hull, President
Dave is a librarian and is professionally active in maritime historical affairs. His daughter, Kathy Hull, died in a jump from the Bridge.

Renee-Eva Amochaev
Renee is a financial advisor in Santa Rosa. She became involved when she learned of the Bridge suicide death of a friend from high school.

Ken Holmes
Ken is the Marin County Coroner (retired).

Paul Muller
Paul is the owner of a marketing firm in San Francisco.

Richard Carlton, Chairman
Richard is a psychologist working with the California State Bar.

Dayna Whitmer
Dayna is a health care technician. Her son, Matt, died in a jump from the Bridge.

Kay James
Kay is a volunteer with the League of Women Voters of Diablo Valley and the Lamorinda Peace and Justice Group. Her son Michael died in a jump from the Bridge.

Bridge Rail Foundation Advisory Board

Kim Norman, M.D.
Kim is a UCSF psychiatrist with a practice focused on children and youth.

Steve Snyder
Steve is a practicing attorney in San Francisco.

Patrick Hines
Pat is a banker and businessman from San Francisco. His son, Kevin Hines, jumped from the Bridge and is one of only 30 individuals to recover from his injuries.

Kevin Hines
Kevin is a mental health advocate and public speaker. He survived a suicide attempt from the Golden Gate Bridge in 2000.

Joan Lisetor
Joan is a video producer who has been active in suicide prevention in Marin County.

Leslie Miller
Leslie is a banker who lives in Marin.


Although the Bridge Rail Foundation is a volunteer organization, we need funding for public outreach and operational expenses.



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Next Steps

With the determination that the net will have no significant impact on the environment, and funding to complete the design work — only one major hurdle remains before we will see the suicides at the bridge stopped — the $50 million needed to build the project.

Providing the information and background needed to secure these funds is the work of the Bridge Rail Foundation. To request information on how you can help - Please contact us via email - info@bridgerail.org - or through our online form.

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